BIOBLOC expansion
mobile braces

Is an adjustable braces made from a hard acrylic material and wire springs, which ensure a controlled expansion by utilizing an adjustable central screw.

Palatal expansion braces widen the upper arch, create more space for correct alignment of the teeth’s and offer to the patient a better bite.

In growing period, the palatal of the child is widen partial under the tongue pressure. We just grow this pressure  with the help of the braces, which act natural in a short period of time.

The expansion braces are one of the most frequent orthodontic used for small children, mainly because they don’t produce a considerable discomfort. Personalized made for every child, the expansion palatal braces wide the maxillary by applying an easy pressure on the molars every time an adjustment is made. The braces is applied on one or two teeth’s on every side of the molar and is fixed on position.

At home, the parents activate the braces according to doctor recommendations wit a simply key. Usually the children wears expansion braces for 6 to 12 months.

I recommend the patients to wear a palatal expansion braces by a young age, in order to make room to the permanent teeth’s. Instead of resolving the problems post –factum, we are trying to prevent them. Also is more easy to to wide the superior arc before puberty.

The wide of the superior maxillary is a form of treatment used in specific cases. By extension of the palatal circumference , the perimeter of the dental arch is growing to create more space in benefits of growing permanent teeth.

Correct a cross bite .The superior teeth should circumscribe the inferior teeth’s. At a patient with a narrow palate this happens otherwise and the superior teeth’s bite in the interior at the inferior teeth’s. This has as a result the asymmetric growth of the inferior maxillary, which can cause facial asymmetry if is not corrected in time.

Eliminates or reduce overcrowding, making space for all superior teeth’s of the child to develop in the correct positions.

Improve the breathing capacity. An upper superior maxillary narrow or deep makes nose breathing of the child difficult. This results the continuous breath by mouth, which causes unhealthy inhalation of unfiltered bacteria, dry mouth and breath (bad breath).

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