“CAMBRA represents a new approach in order to prevent teeth decay and for early cavities by treating the causes before the appearance of the cavities in dental tissue.”

– Dr. Ela Bănică, founder of Ortho Institute


Caries treatement with CAMBRA

Dr. Ela Bănică was the first doctor in Romania to use CAMBRA philosophy, a method to evaluate cancer risk. CAMBRA means Caries Management by Risk Assessment. It represents a preventive way of dental health, in which the patients are classified by their relative risk of developing caries based on risk factors, including diet, oral hygiene, fluor level and past oral habits.


Test for identification
of bacterial load

In Ortho Institute we use a simple test that is performed in the cabinet in just 60 seconds and which uses Adenosine Triphosphate ATP bioluminescence to identify the bacterial load. This test collects a sample from the surface of the teeth and indicates if there is an increased risk for teeth decay, this being correlate with the presence of mutant streptococci with values greater then 1.500-9.995.


Our objectives

  • Teeth protection against the risk of teeth decay during the orthodontic treatement, using prevention kits;
  • Modern brushes and accessories for improving oral hygine;
  • Preventing the appearance of white enamel deminerazilation stains;
  • Differentiates educational programs, by age groups.

Do not neglect the
oral hygiene of children!

Children with oral health problems usually have difficulties at school, low self-esteem and low confidence in their powers.

The consequences of poor oral health include: dental caries and periodontal conditions, pains, infections, loss of teeth, difficulty in feeding, lack of sleep, learning, attention and communication disorders.


Nutrition & Wellness

Proper mastication involves occlusion, meaning a balanced posterior bite that advocates alternative bilateral chewing. Otherwise, there is a risk of malocclusions, therefore it is important to look for the integrity of the occlusal, shredding surfaces, meaning those surfaces that help us chewing.

The musculoskeletal system together with the skull and jaw represent an unique functional anatomic system.  It is enough that only one of the components not to work optimally to have negative consequences on the whole body. The temporo-mandibular joint is one of the most requested joints – approximative 10.000 bites in 24 hours.

Today, we find that 70% of children have malocclusions in the primary, temporary dentition.

In order to prevent them, Ortho Institute recommends breast feeding because this helps the normal development of oral cavity.

Lack of breast sucking can interfere with oral moral development, causing malocclusions, especially posterior inverse occlusions and oral breathing.

Chewing is a key factor for mouth development.

Loosing teeth can impact the whole functional capacity of one to bite, chew and swallow food, in the end the main impact will be over the quality of the diet and nutritional status.


We offer more than just straightened teeth. Our approach is a general one, we look at the patient from head to toe, explain and educate about the connection between dental problems and other bodily disorders. We believe that with a harmonious smile you can build a state of well-being and health.

  • In the case of children, we gently guide the harmonious development of the face and correct the vicious oral habits, before the age of 10, when the facial bones begin to toughen. They deserve healthy smiles!

  • The adolescent is unique and so is his or her treatment at Ortho Institute. As a parent, you will see him or her gaining more and more confidence during the orthodontic treatment that corrects crooked teeth, uneven spacing, overbite and inverse occlusion.

  • Healthy teeth can be displaced at any age. The SureSmile technology makes the treatment of malocclusion easier and more effective than ever, with less discomfort, fewer visits to the clinic and shorter treatment periods.

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Quality guarantee

  • Professionalism

    Dr. Ela Bănică, founder of Ortho Institute, is the only physician in Romania specialized in preventive or natural pediatric Orthodontics, Myobrace and in Orthodontics and Myofunctional therapy.

  • Holistic Treatment

    Ortho Institute, the renowned medical center for holistic and integrative orthodontic treatments, brings a personalized medical approach for child patients. Clinic physicians are specially trained to interact with the little ones. The way of working of the clinic, through a holistic approach, also focuses on identifying other conditions that are correlated with denture problems, especially those in the ENT sphere and spine problems.

  • Over 20 years of experience

    Ortho Institute is based on the experience of over 20 years in Orthodontics and Dental-Facial Orthopedics by Doctor Ela Banica, who studied Lingual Orthodontics at Rene Descartes University in Paris, Pediatric Dental Facial Orthopedics in London. In addition, she was also a university lecturer at the “Carol Davila” Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest for 11 years.

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