SureSmile Aligners

It is a revolutionary digital treatment system designed specifically to perfectly adapt to the specificities of each case, and this is possible because it uses cutting-edge robots to bend the arches with the utmost precision.

This system is applicable to all types of conventional fixed braces, increasing their efficiency exponentially. Digital technology allows us to achieve a very precise and predictable result. With the help of the SureSmile arches we can accurately position each tooth in accordance with the established treatment plan.

The time reserved to treatment is considerably reduced. Through the computer, we can control the movement of the teeth, which allows us to eliminate stages of treatment. It shortens the usually reserved time and substantially reduces the number of appointments needed in conventional treatment.

Accuracy means speed. SureSmile reduces the duration of treatment by up to 30%. With 3D technology it is possible, for the first time, to simulate several options before the effective start of treatment. In this way, we plan for each individual case the optimal treatment strategy leading to the desired outcome.

Less pain. Low friction brackets facilitate a repositioning of the teeth faster and more gentle.

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