Conditions to be met for conducting orthodontic treatment

While age does not play a fundamental role in the treatment of orthodontic, a healthy structure of the support tissue of the teeth is an important condition. Teeth must not present carious processes. Both the support structures and the roots of the teeth should not show signs of inflammation. All dental lesions should be treated at least provisionally.


What are the steps for Orthodontic treatment?

  • During the first visit to our clinic, the doctor will perform a thorough analysis, examining the facial shape, jaw and perioral structures, alignment of teeth and occlusion relationships.


    The orthodontist will use this information to explore the different treatment options tailored to your needs and associated costs.


    This visit is also a good moment to discuss all your concerns, so please feel free to ask us any question each time you have concerns.


    Whenever it will be the case, additional assessments for the diagnosis will be carried out in order to obtain a specific treatment plan.

    The purpose of the first meeting is to find out what you want, to discuss treatment options, to examine teeth, jaw, their position and how mastication is done.

    During the first treatment session we will find out the motivation of the visit, and perform the diagnostic photos and dental fingerprints along with the X-rays (panoramic and profile teleradiology) that provide us with both orthodontic information and information on the general condition of tooth health.

    This process may take between 15 and 30 minutes and will be performed during the same visit.

    We will need you to fill out an observation sheet to perform a preliminary assessment of your history.

    If x-rays or recent models have been made, it would be useful if you could bring them to the first visit or if the attending dentist/previous orthodontist doctor can provide them to us.

    The general situation can already be evaluated during the first meeting. If further investigations are needed, such as: Special X-rays, tomographs, or 3D jaw models, we can recommend them. To provide you with an estimate cost, we will provide you with the necessary data and schedule a second meeting.

    During this meeting we will need time to discuss the detailed assessment of your data, and then to present your treatment plan and estimated costs.

    We will discuss together the conclusions of our specialists and come up with a treatment plan for you.

    The orthodontic conclusions reached by our specialists are examined and the possibilities for treatment are described and explained. You are also informed of the costs of each treatment phase.

    The final decision must not be taken immediately. Please consider our treatment proposals carefully before taking a decision.

  • Online consultation

    You can make a first checkup at a distance, using our diagnostic form, or you can even send a picture of your teeth.

    Registration Seminar

    You or your child can attend at seminar, to find out useful information.

    During the second session, the treatment options are presented to the patient.

    The orthodontist doctor will explain the treatment plan in detail. It will provide explanations on the records leading to a particular diagnosis, the available treatment options, and will present the stages of treatment in accordance with the related duration. The most important thing during this visit is that you will find out what results you can expect through the SureSmile technology with which the simulation of dental movements and the end result can be previewed.

    If you agree the proposed treatment plan, we can start the treatment immediately.

    Don’t put your smile on hold!

  • Each patient has different problems. Therefore, there may be differences in approach at the start of treatment. This means that some patients may need additional maneuvers than those described above.

    During this session it is necessary to clean the teeth because the dental biofilm, existing even on the cleaned teeth, can create problems when binding the brackets. For the precise fixation of the braces, we use metal strips that “catch” the molars. The patient is actively involved in this process because he has to bite at the indications of the orthodontist.

  • Once the treatment begins, the orthodontist will advise you on how often you need to come in for check-ups, depending on the treatment requirements of each individual. Normally, this period can range from 2 to 8 weeks.

  • The most important final stage of treatment is called the “stage of maintenance”. The maintaining braces are designed to keep the teeth in a straight position while the supporting structures around them (bones, gums, ligaments and muscles) adapt to the newly established position.

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    Dr. Ela Bănică, founder of Ortho Institute, is the only physician in Romania specialized in preventive or natural pediatric Orthodontics, Myobrace and in Orthodontics and Myofunctional therapy.

  • Holistic Treatment

    Ortho Institute, the renowned medical center for holistic and integrative orthodontic treatments, brings a personalized medical approach for child patients. Clinic physicians are specially trained to interact with the little ones. The way of working of the clinic, through a holistic approach, also focuses on identifying other conditions that are correlated with denture problems, especially those in the ENT sphere and spine problems.

  • Over 20 years of experience

    Ortho Institute is based on the experience of over 20 years in Orthodontics and Dental-Facial Orthopedics by Doctor Ela Banica, who studied Lingual Orthodontics at Rene Descartes University in Paris, Pediatric Dental Facial Orthopedics in London. In addition, she was also a university lecturer at the “Carol Davila” Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest for 11 years.

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